Impact Properties of Polyester Resins
Using Instrumented Impact Testing as an Indicator of Resin Acrylic-Bonding-Potential for Tub and Shower Laminates ACMA Paper 07
COMPOSITES SERVICE LIFE - New Formula to Predict the Service Life of Composites
CURED-IN-PLACE-PIPE (CIPP) - Resin Choices for Cured-In-Place Pipe Applications
HYBRID RESIN - Property Retention of Tough Hybrid Urethane Resin Systems
PIPES - New Formula to Predict the Structural Life of Composite Pipes
SMC - Surface Analysis of SMC Panels
SOLID SURFACE - Overcoming Vitrification of Solid Surface Resin Using Postcure
TUB-Shower - Flatwise Tensile Strength as an Indicator of Resin Acrylic-Bonding Potential