{ Composites Overview

Global Supplier to the Composites Industry

Reichhold is the premier supplier of unsaturated polyester resins for composites applications. From the United States , Mexico and Brazil to Europe and the Middle East , no other supplier to the composites industry has a greater reach than Reichhold.

Composites Technology

While the exact mix of our product offerings varies from region to region, Reichhold clearly offers the broadest product line of any materials supplier to the composites industry. Reichhold's composites business offers:

•  Polymer Synthesis
•  Research & Development
•  Technical Service
•  Market Development

Reichhold's composites business serves the following primary markets:

•  Marine
•  Building & Construction
•  Transportation
•  Industrial

Marine/Consumer Recreation

Reichhold has long been a leader in the marine industry, supplying resins and other products for a variety of fabrication processes and applications to the boat building industry including:

•  Bulk Laminating
•  Resin Infusion
•  Skin Coats
•  Composite Tooling

While Reichhold maintains a full complement of POLYLITE® and HYDREX® laminating resins for open molding boat construction, we are involved in closed molding applications for boat building via resin infusion or the vacuum infusion process and modified RTM (resin transfer molding) or RTM-light processes, in both the Americas and Europe.

In addition to marine products, sporting goods and other consumer products, we provide a larger niche for the use of composites, and Reichhold is leading the way in materials development.


Building & Construction

Building and construction are the largest of the composites markets that Reichhold serves through a wide variety of applications and end products, providing resins and gel coats to the producers of:

•  Cultured Marble
•  Shower Components
•  Solid Surface
•  Polymer Concrete
•  Bathtubs


Cultured Marble

Across the globe, but especially in North America , cultured marble products for bathrooms are a large market for Reichhold. We work with cultured marble producers, both large and small, to develop POLYLITE ® resin products that meet the demanding requirements of kitchen and bath applications.

Solid Surface

The use of solid surface countertops, both residentially and commercially, is one of the fastest growing composites applications. Reichhold works with the producers of solid surface products to perfect standard products which meet tough design and performance demands and has also developed patented processes for the production of unique solid surface products.

Log on to our website at www.SolidSurface.org which serves both manufacturing customers and consumers of solid surface products for both residential and commercial applications.



One of the fastest-growing markets for composites is the transportation industry. Here, Reichhold supplies resins for an abundance of uses including:

Heavy Truck / Bus Parts -Reichhold provides resins for exterior body panels and is developing advanced composites using hybrid urethane resins compatible with carbon fiber in RTM (resin transfer molding) processes.

Automotive Parts -- Resins for "Class A" body panels (SMC) are an automotive composites focus for Reichhold as are low profile additives (LPAs) which help control shrinkage and surface quality. Reichhold has developed high-performance compounds for "under the hood" applications; for example: engine valve covers, forward lighting (bezels for headlamps) and grill opening reinforcements.

Truck Caps - Standard laminating resins for truck caps are sold into this market which is most popular in the United States.

Body Fillers & Putties - - Reichhold produces standard and premium resins for the formulation of putties used in the auto body repair market featuring properties such as stain-free and tack-free "ease of sand."



The industrial market is a varied and dynamic part of the composites industry. Throughout its history, Reichhold has supplied resins for corrosion-resistant and flame-retardant applications.

Corrosion Resistance
- Reichhold's DION® resins (some previously sold under the ATLAC ® name) have proven themselves in some of the harshest environments imaginable. Our case histories of service in environments such as pulp & paper production for 30+ years prove the dependability of these products.

Flame Retardance - - For certain applications, flame-retardant composites are required and Reichhold has met the challenge with flame-retardant DION resins that meet fabricator and regulatory demands and certifications.

Cured-in-Place Pipe
(CIPP) - As municipalities have come to recognize the overall economy of employing cured-in-place pipe solutions rather than "digging & replacing" crumbling infrastructure, Reichhold's patented DION CIPP ® resins have gained popularity as a cost-effective method for replacement of conventional materials

- - While pultrusion is actually a "process," products manufactured through pultrusion processes span across many markets. A few examples of pultruded profiles where Reichhold resins are used include:

•  Ladders
•  Window Lineals
•  Bridge Decks



Composite Tooling - Tooling doesn't fit into any of the major markets, but it is key to all of them. Reichhold's POLYLITE® Profile Tooling System revolutionized the way fabricators build molds, reducing production time by as much as 80% vs. traditional methods due to its low-shrink properties.